Our Wines

All of our wines begin with attentive viticultural practices applied throughout the growing season ending with hand harvesting our grapes; ensuring only the highest quality grapes are processed. Following harvest, we use gentle methods to process our grapes, ferment in stainless steel and age in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks depending on the style of wine being produced.  

We are proud of our handcrafted, estate grown, produced and bottled wines and look forward to sharing them with you. 

Swenson White 2018

**SOLD OUT** This is our third vintage of our Swenson White.

This wine has aromas of white blossoms and citrus with flavours of green apple, lemon and lime. This is a dry, medium bodied, crisp, refreshing wine with a long lingering mouth-watering, citrus finish.

While this is an easy drinking, refreshing wine that can be enjoyed on its own it can be paired any food you would season with a squeeze of lemon.

750ml – $20.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit).

Frontenac Blanc 2019

This is our third vintage of our Frontenac Blanc.  

This is a dry, full bodied, unoaked white wine.  Let this wine open up by giving it a swirl. You will experience an aroma of quince, gooseberries and citrus.  This wine is fruit forward, mouth-watering, with a long citrus finish.  

Our Frontenac Blanc can be enjoyed on its own but also has higher acidity and pairs best with rich, creamy foods. 

750ml –  $20.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)

Frontenac Gris Rosé 2019

This is a special small batch rosé that is dry and crisp.  With aromas and flavours of melon, strawberry and a hint of spice, this wine ends with a long citrus finish. We made this wine by fermenting our hand-harvested Frontenac Gris grapes on their skins; producing the beautiful colour and wonderful, unique flavours.  

750ml –  $22.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit).

Frontenac Rosé 2020

**NEW RELEASE**  This is our fourth vintage of Frontenac Noir Rosé and is a crowd favourite.  Made from hand harvested grapes that were then gently crushed, de-stemmed and then straight to press. This juice was then fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged for one year before bottling.

This wine is definitely not your typical rosé.  While not allowing skin contact before pressing, the Frontenac Noir grape still produces a dark, fruit forward juice.  With aromas of dark, luscious cherries and flavours of tart cherry, this wine keeps you coming back to the glass.  Pairs exceptionally well with sweet heat type food, aged cheeses and BBQ.

750 ml  –  $22.00    (includes tax and bottle deposit)                  

Frontenac Noir 2017

This is our second vintage of Frontenac Noir and is, again, an elegant example of a cold climate wine.

It is a medium+ bodied wine with aromas of black fruit, dark chocolate, mint, sweet spice and smoke. The tannins are medium and the acidity is medium+. When tasting, the wine presents flavours of sour cherry, dark fruit, spice and ends with a long sour cherry, blackberry finish. This wine can stand on its own, pairs nicely with an aged, hard cheese, charcuterie and roasted red meats.

Price: $24.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)



Marquette 2017


Our second vintage of Marquette, hand harvested from  Vineyard #3 and barrel-aged for 24 months, this vintage does not disappoint.  

Marquette 2017 offers notes of dark fruit (cherries, currents and blackberries) and Red fruit (cherries, raspberry), baking spice, black pepper, mint, tobacco with a hint of vanilla and ends with a long dark fruit, sour cherry finish. The tannins in this wine are present but not overpowering and will allow this wine to age nicely.  With good acidity, this wine is juicy, succulent and makes you want to return to your glass for more.  Enjoy on its own or pair with BBQ beef, wild meat dishes, dark chocolate fondu, aged cheeses or your favourite charcuterie board.


750ml –  $26.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)


Marquette 2017
Barrel 8 Reserve

When we tasted this barrel, we knew we had something special going on with this wine.

The special barrel is Barrel 8, a Hungarian Oak barrel which held our Marquette for 24 months.

This wine has a beautiful nose of dark cherry, smoke and mint and when the wine opens, you are further rewarded with cinnamon, vanilla and a hint of black pepper. The tannins are medium and the acidity is a medium plus – this wine will age well, but is very enjoyable now.

Price: $36.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)

1812 Fortified

**SOLD OUT** This wine is a sweet fortified Frontenac Gris.  If you had one word to describe this wine, it would be “yum”.  With aroma notes of butterscotch, apricot and peach and flavours of ripe stone fruit with bright acidity and the warmth of alcohol, this wine is special. The alcohol and wine have integrated nicely resulting in a smooth, balanced and delicious taste experience. 

This wine is fun to drink on its own, or would pair nicely with spicy poultry dishes or perhaps a custard style dessert.

Price: $25.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)

1793 Fortified

This wine is a sweet fortified Frontenac Noir. It is best described as Christmas in a glass! With aroma and flavour notes of dark fruit, such as black cherry, plum and blueberries; nuts, baking spice and a kiss of oak . 

The alcohol and oak have integrated nicely with the wine which balances with the acidity to ensure this wine can stand on its own or pair nicely with food. This special wine would compliment any dessert, an aged cheese, chocolate or just a wee sip by a fire.

375ml –  $20.00 (includes tax and bottle deposit)